International Journal of Smart Engineering


International Journal of Smart Engineering is an open-access, quarterly published, and peer-reviewed academic publication, with both online and print releases.

International Journal of Smart Engineering has its objective to publish the latest theories and applications in the field of various engineering industries, including mechanical, energy power, aerospace, transportation, infrastructures and so on, taking use of the latest Information Technology (IT), such as the concept of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). Specifically, Prognostic and Health Management (PHM) is also an important theme of the journal, reflecting the pressing demand for PHM technology in the more and more complex manufacturing industry to develop comprehensive and intelligent system to monitor and maintain the health security of the kernal parts of manufacturing equipments. In a highly intelligent manufacturing process, engineering information is directly collected from various physical products by embedded electronics, software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity, into computer-based virtual reality environment, combined with further theoretical analysis of either analytical modeling or numerical simulation, to reach more meaningful results as instructions to users. The whole process, from data collecting to results output is in a program-controlled and intelligent way. Original works of research articles, technical notes, as well as review reports, representing the intelligent and data-based analysis and management of a product during any stage of its whole life cycle: design, manufacture, assembly, maintenance, and until the end of life, are encouraged.


The main columns of this journal include progress and review, mechanics principle and design, numerical simulation and cyber-physics system simulation, manufacture and assembly technology, design and manufacture for new material and composite material, testing and inspection techniques and system, sensing and fault monitoring, engineering management, and international cooperation and communication.